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Tommy Bacon

"She came into our lives, and she saved his" - Kylie Bacon

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Channel 10's The Project featured the story of Tommy Bacon who was diagnosed with Juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia (JMML) and told his only hope of survival was a stem cell transplant.

Tommy's parents David and Kylie, who were expecting a baby at the time of Tommy's diagnosis, embarked on a global appeal to find a matched bone marrow donor. After multiple donor searches were unsuccessful, Tommy's doctor advised that stem cells from the umbilical cord blood of the baby they were expecting could potentially be used.

Watch Tommy's inspirational story below

Courtesy of The Project on Channel 10

Baby Girl's Stem Cells Save Big Brother's Life


Tommy's sister, Aria, was born in October 2023. Her cord blood was collected and tests confirmed it was a perfect match for Tommy.

"Baby Aria didn't know it yet but her umbilical cord was about to give her big brother a second shot at life" - Sarah Harris (The Project Host)

Tommy received a cord blood transplant from his sister Aria at the Perth Children’s Hospital in November 2023 and is currently cancer free.

"If it can change a life in such a huge way, then why would you not [store your baby's umbilical cord blood]?" - Kylie Bacon

Further Information

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