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Cell Care Collector Network

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Cell Care Collector services

Cell Care Collectors provide expert cord blood and tissue collection services to clients, obstetricians, hospital staff and private midwives. Our collection services include cord blood and tissue collection and maternal blood collection which is required by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) when storing cord blood samples.

The collector will complete all necessary labelling, packaging, documentation and transport co-ordination requirements as part of the service.

Cell Care Collectors complete more than 2,400 collections per annum and regularly undergo extensive training. Customers are increasingly choosing to use Cell Care Collectors due to their expertise in the process.

Benefits of utilising a Cell Care Collector

  • Cell Care Collectors on average deliver 15% higher cord blood volumes than non-Cell Care Collectors 23
  • Enables your obstetrician/midwife to focus on you and your baby at the time of birth
  • We provide collection services in any birth scenario; e.g. twins, vaginal, water, home, caesarean and emergency births

Your obstetrician or midwife will make the care of you and your baby their absolute priority during birth. For Cell Care Collectors, cord blood and tissue collection is their priority.

The sole emphasis of the Cell Care Collector is collecting the greatest volume of cord blood and tissue. This ensures parents are more likely to have an optimum collection no matter the circumstances.


About the Cell Care Collector network

The Cell Care Collector network provides collection services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly experienced collection team operates nationally providing collection services in the majority of public and private hospitals.

When a Cell Care Collector is arranged to attend a birth, the client calls our dedicated Labour Line when labour begins and our friendly collections management team provide support throughout the process. The Cell Care Collector is then dispatched to the hospital near the time of birth. In the event that labour changes quickly or an emergency situation arises, the call is immediately escalated for urgent response.

Cell Care Collector network

National coverage*
Dedicated labour line
100+ collectors nationally
Available 24 hrs/ 7 days
Private and public hospital access**
Rapid emergency response
All birth types
Late gestation registration* 
Emergency collection kits*

*Cell Care can register clients late in pregnancy. We provide emergency collection kits and collectors in most areas throughout Australia.
**Collectors have access to the vast majority of hospitals throughout Australia. Call our client services team for more information on 1800 071 075