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What is the
Gift Registry?

Contributing to a family's cord blood and tissue storage with Cell Care can make a perfect gift - it's a lasting insurance that may have significant value to the baby or baby's family in the future. Few other gifts can match this.

Setting up your gift registry is an easy process which should take around 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions, please call our experienced customer service team on 1800 071 075.

How does it work?

In order to invite contributions towards your cord blood and tissue storage, the mother of the baby will need to set up a gift registry following the instructions below. This involves enrolling online and completing the required medical questionnaire prior to inviting friends and family to contribute.

Once you have decided on your storage options, you can begin the gift registry creation process. Please note that Gift Registry enrolments are limited to 'one-time payment' plans, however once all contributions have been put towards the selected plan, we are happy to discuss payment options with you should there be a balance outstanding after the birth of your baby.

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Create Registry Icon

Create registry

Create your gift registry with Cell Care and give it a unique name to allow your family and friends to identify you.
Product Selection Icon

Product selection

Enrol with your desired storage plan (deposit required), and complete the medical questionnaire.
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Invite & share

Share your unique gift registry link with your friends and family so that they can contribute towards your baby's cord blood and tissue storage.
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What is cord blood and tissue storage?

Because they are pristine, stem cells collected from the umbilical cord blood and tissue are among the most flexible and potent in the body.

Cord blood stem cells can be used now for medical treatments, and there is an expanding range of new therapies being researched using cord blood and tissue for conditions including type 1 diabetes, cerebral palsy and autism.

Cell Care Australia

Cell Care is one of the world’s leading cord blood banks with operations in Australia and North America.

The Cell Care group has collected and stored cord blood and tissue stem cells for over 150,000 families. We are committed to the ongoing development of stem cell therapy science and research through our participation in cell therapy clinical trials.

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