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We stored our baby’s stem cells because it was too invaluable not to

Sam Nicklen became aware of cord blood and tissue storage from working in the health industry. “I’d come across literature about it before and all of the wonderful advancements they were making in the field. We decided to store because it was too invaluable not to. Should our baby ever need them we would regret not doing so.”

Sam Nicklen

Sam advises other expectant parents to give considerable thought to storing your baby’s stem cells, commenting that the “list of uses is constantly growing…you will never regret having it should you need it.”

“Once that baby is in your arms, you’d sell your left hand to keep them safe, so it’s really not a hard decision to take advantage of such a wonderful service in health care.”

Sam’s stem cell collection process with Cell Care was “very smooth and easy.”

“[Cell Care] were very professional and efficient. We had a large placenta and our daughter was precipitous, so she arrived before the collector, but with good care of the tissues and a skilled collector, our sample was still successful.”

“We were surprised to learn we could opt to delay cord clamping and still store with Cell Care…… was great to know we had the choice.”

Sam Nicklen, VIC.

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