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The research and potential uses backed up our decision to store our baby’s stem cells

Lauren Whitelock’s introduction to stem cell banking came through a good friend whose father had undergone several stem cell treatments. “She bought stem cell donation to my attention following some of the issues they had to go through and I thought it sounded like a great thing to do.”

Lauren Whitelock

“When we got pregnant I looked into it and discovered not many hospitals allow for cord blood donation but instead found Cell Care and thought it was an even better option allowing us to potentially help our soon to be family in the future should any issues arise.”

Umbilical cord blood stem cell transfusions are currently being used as an alternative to bone marrow transplants for many life threatening conditions. Your baby’s stem cells are a perfect match for your child, and the properties of cord blood stem cells mean they more easily integrate into a patient’s body. Factors such as these, along with Cell Care’s assistance, were a key driver behind Lauren’s choice to store her baby’s stem cells.

“Cell Care backed us up in our thinking by outlining all the research and potential uses currently being investigated.”

“From the lady who patiently answered all my questions and helped confirm my desire to do this at the pregnancy expo…, [to] the lovely lady who came and collected the blood and tissue on the day - unobtrusively blending in to the background while everything else was occurring…, [to] the countless people we spoke to on the phone with updates and follow up - everyone was ultra-nice…[and] an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Lauren’s advice for other expectant parents who may be unaware of cord blood and tissue storage is to “check out the Cell care website and ask questions! With the increases in cancers and illnesses you hear about all over the news, this is a potential way you can help your family in the future to provide more options for life saving treatment.”

Lauren Whitelock, VIC.

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