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We hope we never have to use the stem cells but are thankful they are there

“We were advised by our Obstetrician Dr Carl Lam about Cell Care with our first child Archie who was born March 2016.  When we again saw Dr Lam with our second child it was one of the first things we arranged with him. We have a beautiful daughter Ruby Clare Scott who was born in November 2017.

Craig Scott

We read the literature and discussed this with our Obstetrician and decided this was almost like an insurance policy and decided it was definitely worth it.

The collection process was outstanding. One phone call and not long after the kit was collected. We received follow up calls advising us the process and when the cells had been safely stored.

You can spread the payments out over time so it's not one big hit. We hope we never have to use the cells for either child - but are so thankful that they are always there just in case.”


Craig Scott, SA, December 2017.

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