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I am in awe of the scientific advances allowing the use of stem cells

Due to advances in stem cell science, Sarah and Ashley Prior were inspired to learn more about the potential benefits of storing their baby’s umbilical cord blood.

Sarah and Ashley Prior

“As a medical scientist, I am constantly in awe of the scientific advances allowing the use of stem cells, derived from cord blood, for medical benefit. Cell Care provided more specific information about the current uses for cord blood and the potential for greater, more widespread use in the future.”

Cord blood has already been used in over 35,000 transplants worldwide, in the treatment of over 80 conditions1. Scientific research is evaluating how cord blood cells may provide new therapies for a broad number of diseases for which there is no effective treatment today.

“We want our child to have every chance of living a long and healthy life and therefore decided that collecting the cord blood would be an insurance that could potentially provide this.”

Cord blood can only be collected at birth. The process is quick, safe and painless for both mother and baby. “The collection process was something I discussed with my obstetrician and midwife prior to the delivery. We had a plan, which went smoothly on the day.”

For other expectant parents who may be unaware of cord blood and tissue storage, Sarah and Ashley recommend researching the future potential. “I would highly recommend looking into the possibilities that come with cord blood collection and the ongoing medical advances allowing improved treatments ... for various chronic and acute conditions.”

Sarah and Ashley Prior, Tasmania, October 2017.


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