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Potential future benefits of stem cell storage exceeds expectations

A few years ago, Jing Liu saw a news story on TV which outlined how a baby’s cord blood was collected at birth and infused in the baby’s older sister to treat her cancer. This story had an impact on Jing who felt cord blood storage was something she would do in the future.

Therefore, when Jing was pregnant, cord blood storage was already on her radar. At her first Obstetrician appointment, Jing collected a cord blood banking brochure which led her to the Cell Care website to learn more.

Jing found the potential future benefits of storing her baby’s stem cells exceeded her expectations, so she enrolled with Cell Care

As Jing approached her due date, her scheduled c-section date was brought forward. She commented that Cell Care were organised and professional in coordinating the collection of her baby’s stem cells and added that her experience with Cell Care’s staff in the follow-up process was equally positive.

Jing Liu, NSW, February 2018.


Cell Care has expanded its education program to include both Mandarin material and Mandarin-speaking customer service. Cell Care Chinese Client Service is available on 1800 978 718.


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