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I’d like to think no expecting parent is unaware of cord blood storage

Rebecca Blight had been a Type 1 Diabetic for 36 years when she fell pregnant with her daughter Miller. During Rebecca’s pregnancy, a workmate of her husband’s (whose son and husband also both have T1D) recommended Rebecca and her husband learn more about storing their baby’s cord blood stem cells.

Rebecca Blight

“She recommended we look into cord blood, and so we did. We were also fortunate enough to be participating in a diabetes study called ENDIA and they put us in touch with Cell Care.”

Rebecca and her husband chose to store Miller’s stem cells for the potential future benefits they may provide their daughter. “We made the decision hoping that if the need ever arose and that the risks presented for Miller with any number of autoimmune diseases that can occur and become more prevalent with Diabetes that her cord blood and tissue can help her. For us it’s like any insurance, you have it with the hope you never ever need it.”

“As someone with an immune disease I see the real benefits of all scientific research, after all, how can we prevent something if we don't give a little bit to make it happen, so I guess this was the next logical thing to do. If it can help our baby girl, why wouldn't we?”

Due to her diabetes, Rebecca had a planned C-section at 37 weeks and comments on her high level of satisfaction with her experience with Cell Care. “Cell Care were so professional. Everything was delivered and made available before the birth. They were in regular touch with us and had an emergency labour line should it have been necessary. The collector was at the hospital at 6am to talk us through the process, make sure we had no last minute questions and to make the collection. Our delivery was slightly delayed, but this didn't [faze] them. They then let us know everything was done and were great in ensuring that our collector from ENDIA also had the [cord] blood she needed for her studies. The follow-up calls and emails and newsletters have also been fantastic.”

“I would like to think that no expecting parent is unaware [of cord blood storage] as the word should be out there - midwives, hospitals, doctors, social media, advertising - all of this is so important.

Rebecca Blight, QLD.


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