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Educate yourself early - once you have the baby, it’s too late

Amanda Jakovac became aware of cord blood storage through a friend. Amazed by the advances in science, she was inspired to learn more.

Amanda Jakovac

As a result of her learning, Amanda chose to store her baby’s stem cells, commenting that “if you can potentially help your child in the future because they have a life threatening condition, why wouldn't you?”

This was to be Amanda’s first experience with stem cell storage, but not her last. During her more recent pregnancy, Amanda also chose to store her daughter’s stem cells. “My son has an autoimmune disease so we stored our daughter's cells with the possibility that it might also help our other children.”

As cord blood and tissue can only be collected at birth, Amanda’s advice for other expectant parents is to consider your options well before your due date.

“Read about cord blood and tissue storage to get an understanding of what it is and do your research. Once you have the baby, [the storage option is no longer available], so educate yourself early on in the pregnancy to see if it is right for you.”

Amanda rated her experience with the collection process as “Absolutely amazing.”

“Cell Care [was] available 24/7 on a Sunday and they organised a kit for me within the hour. They brought it to the hospital direct. Each time you contacted their update line with your labour, they were friendly. You did not feel like you were nagging them as birth can be so unpredictable.”

“Lastly I would note that the lady who collected the blood was fantastic and she did an amazing job with communicating with the hospital staff and myself throughout the process.”

Amanda Jakovac, VIC.


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