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Samantha Bryant

"We banked Starla's cord blood without any hesitation."

“Our little girl is a very special baby as she is a product of science and love. My sister Nikkita donated her eggs to us and my other sister Rachel was our surrogate. Unfortunately due to cancer in my late 20's life saving treatment made me infertile and I was unable to have children unassisted. Due to my past history …I strongly believe banking our daughter’s cord blood was a priority for us and our little girl’s future.”

Samantha Bryant

Samantha’s awareness of the benefits of cord blood stem cells through her experience as a Midwife and former Cell Care employee was also a catalyst for her choice to store her baby’s stem cells.

“Knowledge of the very exciting current research into cord blood stem cells, in particular diabetes, cerebral palsy and cancers, I know I would have regretted not having my daughters cord blood collected especially if she became ill later in life and I hadn't banked them as insurance.”

With the expanding range of new therapies being researched that anticipate using cord blood and tissue in the future, Samantha believes that the choice to store her baby’s stem cells is well supported. “There is plenty of evidence based research out there which highlight the benefits. You only get one opportunity to bank your child’s umbilical cord blood.”


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