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Ash Pollard chooses to store her baby’s stem cells

After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I was told that falling pregnant naturally may be difficult. So, when my partner and I found out we were pregnant we were over the moon, and naturally wanted to do everything we could for the health and wellbeing of our baby.

A handful of my friends have stored their children’s cord blood and cord tissue, so Pete and I decided to look into it. And, I’m glad we did. The more we learned about stem cell therapies and the stories of families who had benefited, the more we realised we wanted that too.

Ash Pollard

An investment in our baby’s future!”

Cord blood and tissue are rich in powerful stem cells which can only be collected at birth. These stem cells can be used to treat over 80 diseases and conditions. And, there are so many more new therapies being researched around the world that could use cord blood and tissue in the future.

The entire process was so straightforward. Everything was very well organised and communicated despite the last minute rush to deliver via emergency C-section. Once Clementine was born, my obstetrician collected the cord blood and tissue and sent it away. It was quick, easy, and completely painless for both of us. Cell Care was kind and thoughtful throughout!

Another bonus, sibling stem cells are more likely to be a match than unrelated donor cells meaning we could potentially access Clementine’s cells should our future children need them.

It truly is an incredible service. A service you hope you never have to call upon, but if you do, one that you’ll be eternally grateful for! I’d highly recommend storing your baby’s stem cells if you’re considering it. It’s practically life insurance. 

-Ash Pollard, VIC