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Ash London shares her reasons for storing cord blood

My cousin first told me about umbilical cord blood stem cell storage as it’s something she did for both of her babies. At the time, I had no idea that it existed! However, I knew as soon as she explained the process to me that it was something I wanted to do when my son Buddy was born.

My husband Adrian and I both know that life can be unpredictable. There are so few things we can control, and while we can’t control the future we felt like this gave us at least one option if in the future we were faced with some tough medical outcomes. Taking the opportunity to store our baby’s cord blood and tissue seemed like a pretty easy decision for us, and it was one way I was able to feel a little more at peace.

Storing your baby’s cord blood and tissue is so, so easy! The collection happens immediately after birth. Our wonderful obstetrician had done it countless times before, and to be honest I forgot it was even happening until the little transport kit arrived back in our hospital room with the cord blood inside! A courier arrived hours later and picked it up for it to be stored. I was amazed at how seamless the whole process was.

I’m by nature a worrier. I wish I wasn’t but I am. I know that I can’t change the future and there’s only so much I can protect my son from as his mama, but I must admit this is one thing that I feel I can do to protect him in the future. I pray that we never ever need to use the service, but it’s given me a little peace of mind knowing that should we find ourselves in that situation, we’ll have more options than we otherwise would have.

I would absolutely recommend storing cord blood and tissue with Cell Care to family and friends who were interested because it didn’t require any effort from my end. It was such an easy way for me to have a tiny bit more peace of mind.

Ash London