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If I answer "yes" on my medical questionnaire does this mean my baby's cord blood and tissue cannot be collected and stored?

A ‘Yes’ response to any question on the medical questionnaire does not necessarily mean your baby’s cord blood and tissue are not able to be stored. The medical questionnaire is designed for a number of reasons:

  • To alert us to potential medical conditions, which may affect the condition or viability of your cord blood and tissue sample
  • To provide important medical information for a doctor to consider, prior to using your baby’s cord blood and tissue for transplantation

If you have answered yes to any of the critical questions the laboratory may request that you forward a copy of your routine serology test results taken by your obstetrician or care provider during your pregnancy. This is to minimise the risk to both couriers and laboratory staff handling contaminated blood.

At this time, blood that is positive for HIV or hepatitis C cannot be banked. If you answered yes to any other questions we will discuss them with you when you enrol with us.