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Are cord blood stem cells different from other stem cells?

Yes, cord blood stem cells differ from other types of adult stem cells. Cord blood has the following advantages:

Simple and non-invasive:

  • Collection and storage is simple and painless for both mother and baby
  • Once cord blood has been stored it is available immediately for treatment
  • There is no need to locate a compatible donor
  • No invasive procedure to harvest bone marrow if required

Cord blood medical advantages:

  • Cord blood stem cells are more potent than adult stem cells
  • Cord blood stem cells haven’t had exposure to environmental pollutants, viruses and chemicals that happen over time

Cord blood flexibility:

  • Greater flexibility in genetic matching - only a partial match between the donor and patient may be required
  • Reduced risk of graft vs host disease and lower incidence of viral transmissions

A perfect match:

  • Your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells are a perfect match for your child, and are more likely to be a match for siblings and family members
  • The closer the match, the greater the likelihood of the body accepting the cells