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Cell Care Support Programs

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Families in need program

If family history or other factors indicate that a parents baby is likely to be at risk of having a condition treatable by cord blood in the future, or the patient is financially unable to meet the costs of cord blood storage, the client's obstetrician or doctor may apply to Cell Care for a subsidy on behalf of the patient.

Depending on the circumstances, Cell Care will meet part or all of the fees for an appropriate period. Please note that the eligibility for the program is entirely at Cell Care’s discretion. However, Cell Care seeks to administer this program fairly and will always consider the representations of the patient’s doctor.

Cerebral Palsy – Sibling Cord Blood Collection Program

Cell Care offers free cord blood collection and storage for children of siblings with cerebral palsy. This program aims to ensure as many families of children with cerebral palsy as possible have access to potential local and international cord blood trials.

Eligibility Criteria:

The child with cerebral palsy must:

  • Aged 1-12 years
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of cerebral palsy
  • Have the same biological parents as the expected child
  • Other criteria apply

Please contact Client Services if you would like further information on 1800 071 075. or

Malignancies collection program

Haematological malignancies (blood cancers) such as leukaemia often require multiple stages of treatment. In some instances a cord blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant may be a course of treatment. In order to support Australian families to potentially expand their treatment options, Cell Care has established the Malignancies Collection Program.

This program provides the collection and storage of cord blood, free of charge, for children with a sibling with a haematological malignancy such as leukaemia. Certain criteria needs to be met to be accepted into the program including approval from Cell Care’s Medical Director in consultation with the referring oncologist.

"Sibling cord blood transplant is a well-recognised and effective treatment for a range of haematological diseases worldwide. Cell Care is a fully TGA licensed family cord blood bank, and it’s  free collection and storage program will ensure that all families in Australia who potentially could benefit from this treatment option will now be able to do so."

- Dr. Peter Downie,
Head, Paediatric Haematology-Oncology
Director, Children’s Cancer Centre
Monash Children’s Hospital
Senior Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics
Monash University