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Obstetrician Education Hub

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Live Educational Webinars

Our experienced and expert team of cord blood educators are hosting informative and interactive online sessions. These will help you make an informed decision about cord blood and tissue banking for your baby.

During the sessions you will learn about:

  • What is cord blood and tissue?
  • Why to store your baby's stem cells
  • Current & future uses of cord blood & tissue
  • Exciting research & clinical trials in areas such as autism and cerebral palsy
  • The collection process
  • Our pricing plans
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Cord Blood Podcast

The People, the Science and the Future Potential of Umbilical Cord Blood. This three-part series will help you understand why cord blood storage has become such a promising option. Through conversations with moms, clinical researchers, and obstetricians we explore the present and future of stem cell treatments and therapies. We even meet one young boy that is walking to school on his own, thanks to the choice his mother made.

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Online Antenatal Classes

In partnership with Midwife Cath, expectant mothers have the opportunity to participate in a free antenatal class that focuses on labour, birth, and the care of your baby. We are pleased to offer these webinars to help you prepare for labour, birth, and the care of your baby. Midwife Cath presents current and unbiased information to help you make informed decisions.

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Cell Care向准爸妈提供免费的中文网络产前班,课程内容包括孕期护理、阵痛、分娩、新生儿护理、哺乳等,帮助您顺利渡过这一段特别的时光。通过我们的课程,资深助产士将为您答疑解惑,助您做出最明智的选择。


Bub Hub's Guide to COVID-19 through pregnancy and beyond

Bub Hub has put together a handy collection of resources to help you deal with pregnancy during the current pandemic.

The website contains information about:

  • Guide to government family benefit payments
  • COVID-19 online support and helplines for parents
  • Breastfeeding in a COVID-19 world
  • Tech hacks to help new parents during COVID-19
  • COVID-19: Midwife Cath’s advice for new and expecting parents
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Parents Guide to Cord Blood

The primary mission of the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood is to educate parents with accurate and balanced information about cord blood banking, medical therapies and cord blood storage options.

The website contains information about:

  • The motivations for banking umbilical cord blood
  • The difference between donating cord blood to a public bank versus paying privately for family storage
  • New developments in medical research or public policy which could expand the use of cord blood
  • Other newborn stem cell education including tissue and placenta
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Provides a wealth of resources for your pregnancy including answers, tips and information to guide you on this incredible journey.

Popular topics include videos and resources on:

  • Your pregnancy week by week
  • How your baby is developing
  • Early pregnancy guide
  • Diet for a healthy pregnancy
  • First time mums
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